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Charles University holds a license to organize the FameLab competition in the Czech Republic.

Cheltenham Festivals is a licensed partner of Charles University. The company organizes the international competition.


Partners of Competition

Czech Centres is a state-funded organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The centres are an integral part of Czech foreign policy and a key instrument for cultural diplomacy within the framework of public diplomacy whose mission is to disseminate and support the good reputation of the Czech Republic around the world and to strengthen cultural relations between countries. Czech Centres defines itself as a cultural institution and operates in the area of culture in its broadest sense. The centres also provide Czech language teaching abroad and participate in the organization of certified language exams.


The CESNET association was founded in 1996 by universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Its goal is the operation and development of ICT services that form the national e-infrastructure for research, development, and education of e-INFRA CZ. An integral part of the activities is also research and development in the field of information and communication technologies. CESNET is an active partner in a number of foreign research infrastructures, such as the pan-European research, development, and education network GÉANT, the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI.eu), and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)


In cooperation with:

Didaktikon is an educational centre of Charles University designed for experimentation, discovery, and learning through play. One definite advantage of Didaktikon is its interdisciplinary nature. Didaktikon connects in one place the research results of all faculties of Charles University and thus creates a functional community of students of didactic fields, pedagogues, researchers, as well as pupils and teachers of primary and secondary schools, graduates, and parents who want to develop their children’s interests as well as their own.


The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer cultivates the innovation foundations of Charles University and educates, connects, and motivates students and employees to engage in an innovative approach in science. It protects the intellectual property of CU and ensures the connection of science, innovation, and art for the academic community and the general public in the premises of Campus Hybernská, where it contributes to fulfilment of the so-called third role of the university.


Prizes for winners are provided by:

Karolinum Press was founded in 1990, publishing textbooks, scholarly monographs, journals, and conference proceedings. Its repertoire includes series of publications related to the history of Charles University, monographs on art history, sociology, religious studies, linguistics, new media, visual culture, political science, literary criticism, and philosophy, as well as unique projects such as the Modern Czech Classics series and the oeuvre of Karel Šiktanc.


Hotel Opitz House

Charles University

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