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Charles University holds a license to organize the FameLab competition in the Czech Republic.

Cheltenham Festivals is a licensed partner of Charles University. The company organizes the international competition.


The 2023 edition is held under the patronage of the British Ambassador, Matt Field. Thank you.

Partners of Competition:

Czech Centres is a state-funded organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The centres are an integral part of Czech foreign policy and a key instrument for cultural diplomacy within the framework of public diplomacy whose mission is to disseminate and support the good reputation of the Czech Republic around the world and to strengthen cultural relations between countries. Czech Centres defines itself as a cultural institution and operates in the area of culture in its broadest sense. The centres also provide Czech language teaching abroad and participate in the organization of certified language exams.


The mission of the Foundation is not only to preserve the Bata history and traditions themselves but also to support projects focused on the healthy development of a thriving community, whether in the areas of social and cultural development, youth education, or entrepreneurial endeavors.


In cooperation with:

The Faculty of Humanities at Charles University was established on August 1, 2000, as the youngest of the university's faculties. Due to this status, it has been a modern and innovative institution since its inception, reflecting the latest trends in university education. It specializes in a wide range of disciplines concerning human beings and human society. It serves as an interdisciplinary bridge between philosophy, social and humanities disciplines, and natural and medical sciences about humans at Charles University.


The Hybernská Campus is a hub for culture, innovation, science, and education. It is intended for bringing together students, artists, scientists, researchers, creatives, and innovators with the general public and the applied sphere of the city of Prague. The vision of the Hybernská Campus is to establish itself as a distinctive university and urban center visible in the heart of Central Europe. It is a center built on the generation of various kinds of innovations, utilizing the knowledge and creativity of people in response to the societal challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


Prizes for winners are provided by:

Karolinum Press was founded in 1990, publishing textbooks, scholarly monographs, journals, and conference proceedings. Its repertoire includes series of publications related to the history of Charles University, monographs on art history, sociology, religious studies, linguistics, new media, visual culture, political science, literary criticism, and philosophy, as well as unique projects such as the Modern Czech Classics series and the oeuvre of Karel Šiktanc.


Opitz House

Charles University

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