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National Final 2022

The national final is over, the prizes are awarded. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Terezie Páníková, VŠCHT - audience prize in the hall

Hubert Beck, UK - 3rd place

Filip Kubeček, Masaryk University - 2nd place

Eliška Jandová, UK - 1st place, and representation of the Czech Republic at the international finals of the FameLab competition

National Round Finalists 2022

Download Invitation (PDF, 1 MB)

When: 30/9/2022 6 p.m

Where: Didaktikon, Hybernská 4, Prague 1

Registration has been finished.

Competition schedule:

10 to 11 September 2022


30 September 2022

National Final

25 October 2022

International MASTERCLASS training

25 November 2022

International Final

What is it all about?

FameLab is a competitive show where each speaker has only three minutes to present their research in an engaging way without the help of an electronic presentation.

Why should I see it?

FameLab has a long-standing reputation. It is one of the oldest science shows in our country. The quality of the competition is protected by a British licence. Well-known personalities participate as panel judges. Contestants know very well that they have to be skilful and entertaining to succeed.

Can I participate?

Of course! The show is interactive. The winner is decided by everybody in the audience at the end of the performance.

More about FameLab

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