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  • National Final 2022

National Final 2022

On 30 September, 11 finalists will participate in the science competition show FameLab. Young scientists across disciplines will attempt to win over the favour of the panel and the audience and also compete for very interesting prizes and the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic in the international final. The winner of the national round will compete against colleagues from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, and Malaysia.

National Round Finalists 2022

Download Invitation (PDF, 1 MB)

When: 30/9/2022 6 p.m

Where: Didaktikon, Hybernská 4, Prague 1

Registration has been finished.

Competition schedule:

10 to 11 September 2022


30 September 2022

National Final

25 October 2022

International MASTERCLASS training

25 November 2022

International Final

What is it all about?

FameLab is a competitive show where each speaker has only three minutes to present their research in an engaging way without the help of an electronic presentation.

Why should I see it?

FameLab has a long-standing reputation. It is one of the oldest science shows in our country. The quality of the competition is protected by a British licence. Well-known personalities participate as panel judges. Contestants know very well that they have to be skilful and entertaining to succeed.

Can I participate?

Of course! The show is interactive. The winner is decided by everybody in the audience at the end of the performance.

More about FameLab

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