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Can I enter if I'm not a Czech citizen?

Yes, we welcome foreign nationals to participate in FameLab Czech Republic as long as they are working and/or studying in the country.

Do I have to speak English to enter?

A knowledge of English is not an entry requirement. However, it is an advantage during the weekend Masterclass for finalists and the international part of the competition (both run in English and in Czech). If you become the national winner and you are not able to present your talk at the international final in English you will cede the right to represent the Czech Republic to another finalist. The replacement will be chosen by the jury.

Do I have to talk about my own research?

No, you can talk about any scientific subject you want to. But be aware that the judges are going to ask you questions about your talk, so make sure you really know your stuff if you're not talking about your own research.

Can I participate multiple times?

Yes, if you did not advance to the national final. However, anyone who has become a national finalist and has taken part in the Masterclass training is not eligible to enter the competition again.

Is there an age limit for contestants?

Yes, you must be at least 21 years old . There is no upper age limit.

Last change: May 27, 2022 08:57 
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